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Snoop (Slate)
Snoop (Slate)
Snoop (Slate)
Snoop (Slate)
Snoop (Slate)

Snoop (Slate)

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▣ Dare ▚ to □ be ❏ square ▨! Snoop is a relaxed square pattern that we made in several happy / neutral / low maintenance colors. The slate colorway is a beautiful blue-grey that will make you say heeeey. 

  • Black trim and black bottom panel
  • Comes with separate removable insert (same dimensions) stuffed with post-industrial landfill-diverted shredded foam. Our top notch stuffin contains no creepy chemicals (flame retardants etc.) and will stand up to excessive napping without losing its shape
  • Reinforced stitched handle makes it easy to bring your darling from room to room without disturbing their slumber #letsleepingdogslie
  • Made in the USA using all recycled or landfill-diverted components! Even the zipper, even the thread! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Even more details:

  • Care instructions: Cover can be spot treated but is also machine washable in cold water. Wash separately the first time to ensure no color bleeding. For a quick shape-up, give bed a light vacuum (use hard floor setting, not carpet). Air dry or machine dry on low heat only. See FAQs for more tips! 
  • Please note: insert will be compressed during shipment. It will look shriveled and silly when you take it out of the box. Unwrap, give it a mighty shake and bed should be fully expanded within a few hours
  • Fluffiness Guarantee: Should you find yourself wanting more stuffin for your muffin, just reach out! We will send you a bag of additional filling to make sure your bed remains fit for canine royalty <3

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