About Us

Kingboy is an eco-friendly pet products company making high quality, waterproof, extremely durable dog beds using recycled and re-purposed materials.

Kingboy was launched in 2021 by Devin Shanahan (that's me below!), a NYC-based dog lover with three sweet and silly senior dogs who were destroying lots of dog beds with their accidents, digging and other naughty but lovable behavior.

After a decade of buying and replacing (ugh-ly) dog beds and a growing frustration with their mediocre quality and tattered appearance, I set out with a mission to create ultra-durable, high-quality dog beds that last forever. Dog beds aren’t just pillows for pets; I knew we needed high-performance materials that don’t easily stain, rip, smell, fade, pill, flatten or otherwise deteriorate. I wanted clever features that would help reduce maintenance/care requirements while keeping the bed (and our home) looking spiffy. I dreamed of comfy, plush textures that our beautiful little beasts would actually enjoy lounging on. And because I am super concerned about our warming, polluted planet, I knew we needed materials that are innovative, recycled wherever possible, and green.

We spent months exploring and testing samples with different fabric, fill, threads and thicknesses, with some very important criteria. In addition to being incredibly durable, waterproof and stain-resistant, it was a priority to source materials that are recycled or repurposed. Each component of our beds was hand-picked based on durability and required to comprise at least 50% recycled materials. We are proud to have found green-minded supply partners who share our concerns for the environment and offer extremely durable yet eco-friendly materials!

We have been testing Kingboy dog beds in our own homes since the very first samples came out, and they still look amazing after 18+ months of heavy daily usage. We are so proud of the quality of Kingboy's strong and durable dog beds -- from the craftsmanship to the design details to the super-hero materials, you'll be able to tell immediately that we obsessed about each and every element of these beds. We want your dog/s to experience their very best rest, and we truly want our dog beds to enhance the aesthetic of your home!

Want to know more about our materials and process? Keep reading!

Our fluffy foam fill is made from landfill-diverted material

We stuff our dog beds with pre-consumer shredded foam that is super supportive and lasts FOREVER! Our foam fill is sourced from furniture manufacturers - we take their leftover/unused high-quality foam (P.S. flame-retardant free because who wants all those chemicals?!?) that was otherwise on its way to a landfill. Shredded foam makes a perfect long-lasting fill for dog beds because, unlike poly-fiber fill, it keeps its shape and can also be easily re-fluffed anytime with a quick shake. We are so confident in the quality and durability of our foam fill that we offer a Forever Fluffy Guarantee: if your dog bed loses its shape, send us a pic. We will send you additional foam to add to the insert or replace your insert for free!

All other components of our nap stations are made from recycled water bottles

Our fabric, piping, thread, zippers, and sew-in labels all contain at least 50% rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate), a recycled plastic material salvaged from recycled water bottles and related items. Check out this recent blog post to learn more about rPET and how plastic bottles are turned into soft, durable fabric that is perfect for dog beds! 

We work with a wonderful team of US-based suppliers and manufacturers

Our USA-made recycled fabric is digitally printed by a woman-owned business in Massachusetts. Our inserts are plumped and sewn in Illinois, and our dog bed covers are made by a family-owned cut-and-sew facility outside of St. Louis. The dog bed your pup will snooze on for (too many!) hours each day has been carefully and consciously crafted by the best.

D is for DOGs…and Durability!

Our covers are made with a super-durable (but soft!) 7.5 oz poly-blend, all-weather fabric that is designed to take a beating. This super-hero fabric has been treated with a durable water resistant (DWR) bath coating (read more information about the benefits of using DWR here!), making it waterproof, stain/accident resistant, fade-resistant yet machine-washable - and best of all, each yard of fabric is made from 26 recycled plastic bottles. Our dog bed covers will survive digging dogs, drooling dogs, incontinent dogs, muddy dogs, mischievous dogs and more <3

High Style, Low Maintenance

We set out with a mission to create beautiful, low-maintenance dog beds that will look as good on day 1,000 as they do on day one. Your Kingboy dog bed should last your puplet for years without much care other than occasionally washing the cover. And by the way, the playful, modern fabric patterns aren't there just to bring fun vibes to your home (although that is a common side effect); the patterns do a great job of hiding dog hair and dirt that your dog will inevitably leave behind. In addition to being machine-washable, our dog beds can be vacuumed to stay spiffy and free of dog hair and dust. Visit our FAQ page for more detailed care instructions!