What Are the Benefits of Buying a Waterproof Dog Bed?

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Waterproof Dog Bed?

The pet furniture market is worth nearly $2 billion this year!

It shouldn’t be surprising, considering how many of us are animal lovers. And who doesn’t love to spoil their pet with something new? But it does suggest that we're spending money replacing existing pet furniture.

It doesn’t matter how cute a dog bed is. If it gets tatty and smelly within a year, it’s a bad investment.

Instead, dog owners should look at products that they only need to buy once. That’s both more affordable and sustainable. 

A waterproof dog bed is one of the best pet furniture investments you can make. Their hardy nature means they’ll last for years. But they're still an uber-comfortable place for your dogs to spend half their time.

Are waterproof dog beds really that much better than traditional upholstery fabric dog beds though? Definitely! Read on for some more information about what makes waterproof dog beds so great, and where you can find the best ones - we'll give you a hint, it starts with "King" and ends with "boy" :)

What Is a Waterproof Dog Bed?

A waterproof dog bed is a bed that’s either partially or fully waterproof. The best designs are waterproof all over.

Specifically, the outer, removable layer is waterproof. That protects the soft filling from ever becoming soiled or damp for another reason. But you can also wash the inner cushion if you ever need to.

Waterproof Dog Bed Benefits

The number one advantage of waterproof or water-resistant dog beds is hygiene: a waterproof cover will prevent dirt and liquids from staining the fabric, and from seeping through the cover and damaging the insert. Whether your pup covers the bed in mud or has an accident, it’s good as new in no time. Our dog beds use a durable, water-resistant mighty fabric that is stain-resistant and outdoor-friendly, so go ahead and take your Kingboy dog bed with you to the beach or on a camping trip! If your dog bed gets dirty, you don't need to worry.

That’s because of their second draw – waterproof dog beds are very easy to clean. You can usually wipe them down in seconds because many liquids will bead up and not seep into the fabric.

Or if it needs a deeper clean, just throw it in the washing machine. That’s right: both the cover and cushion are machine washable! You can wash a Kingboy dog bed hundreds and hundreds of times without worrying about fading, pilling, or wearing/tearing the fabric. 

Due to their easy-clean attributes, Kingboy's waterproof, outdoor-friendly dog beds are very odor-resistant. Even after thoroughly washing a typical fabric dog bed, some old smells may linger. But the waterproof design stops the bed from absorbing any odors in the first place.

Because they’re waterproof and so easy to clean, these beds are also multi-purpose! Use them indoors, on the grass in your yard, or even out and about at the park! However mucky they get, it’s a piece of cake getting them squeaky clean again.

Find the Best Waterproof Dog Bed

When choosing a waterproof dog bed, it’s essential you find one that offers all of these benefits. Then you can truly relax and let your dogs go wild!

At Kingboy, our beds not only fulfill all these criteria, but they’re super comfortable too! Our specially designed filling will never lose its shape and will keep your pup resting happily for years to come.

Even better, we use recycled and landfill-diverted materials to make our beds. So you can rest assured that you’re investing in a sustainable product.

Check out our products today to find the perfect waterproof, low-maintenance dog bed for your best friend!

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