Top 10 Pet-Friendly Home Décor Tips

Top 10 Pet-Friendly Home Décor Tips

According to research, household messes are the main reason people consider rehoming their pets. This is especially true with dogs, who can certainly create a struggle in the interior design area when they don't understand the concept of keeping things clean and tidy!

Fortunately, having a pet-friendly and safe house doesn't have to mean plastic covers on everything and nothing left at eye level. Here's how to create an environment in your house that looks great and keeps your furbaby safe.

1. Focus on Pet-Friendly Plants

A lot of plants are toxic to animals. If you want to include natural greenery in your home décor, make sure you research the ones that might cause your pet the most harm and avoid them.

2. Keep Chewables Out of Reach

If you know your dog is prone to chewing or there are things in reach that might be too tempting, put them on high shelves. You don't have to give up your ornaments or pretty hardbound books — instead, be strategic in their placement.

3. Think About Child-Safe Locks

If you do have things at eye level but they're behind closed doors, consider using child-safe locks to ensure your dogs and cats can't get into them.

Remember, our pets are smarter than we give them credit for! If you have a new dog or cat, you may quickly realize that. Child locks are also easily hidden, come in colors to match your cabinets, and won't detract from the aesthetic of your space.

4. Use Stain-Resistant Fabrics

For any furniture, try and use stain-resistant fabrics so that your dog's muddy pawprints are easily cleaned up. Olefin, for example, works great on furniture and it's easy to preserve it.

5. Think About the Color of Your Pet vs. the Décor

If you have a Great Pyrenees or a ginger cat who sheds all over the place, you do not want a black sofa!

Try to match your furniture to the color of your animal so that shedding is inconspicuous and you don't have to vacuum three times a day. 

6. Place Strategic Throws

If your pet has a particular place they like to sleep, put strategic throw blankets over them. Your pet can still sleep there, but it's much easier to wash a blanket than a whole piece of furniture.

7. Laminate Flooring Over Carpet

Laminate flooring is stain resistant (unlike hardwood flooring) and it's also easy to clean up any accidents!

Plus, puppies who have been trained on potty pads are more likely to have an accident on a soft surface than on laminate flooring. Keeping a young dog away from the carpet encourages them to hold it until they get outside.

8. Baby Gates Where Necessary

If you have a dog and need to keep them out of certain areas, there are many stylish baby gates available that you can use to block off certain rooms. You don't have to turn every room into the peak of pet safety — your dog doesn't need access to them all! 

9. Buy a Toy Box

Any pet-friendly home should have a toy box for your pet. That way, you can prevent their toys from being strewn across the floor.

Rotating toys is also a great way to keep your pets interested so the amusement doesn't get stale.

10. Sheer Curtains

One of the best pet-friendly decor ideas is to let them see out of the window so they can enjoy the view without allowing them to press their nose against it and put marks all over the glass. How about some sheer curtains so you can both enjoy the window?

Your House Can Be Both Pet-Friendly and Stylish!

You don't have to compromise on having a beautiful home when you have a dog, cat, or any other roaming pet. Instead, combine pet-friendly tactics with stylish interior design to ensure you have the best of both worlds.

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