Tips to Control Your Dog's Shedding

Tips to Control Your Dog's Shedding

We know a thing or two about dogs that shed too much -- in fact, one of the reasons Kingboy was started was to design dog beds that (1) were comfy enough to keep our sheddy boys off of our furniture and (2) would hide dog hair with clever patterns and prints. But dog hair management is an entire LIFESTYLE and we have spent 15 years figuring out the best ways to keep shedding at bay. Keep reading for tips AND links to our favorite de-shedding products (absolutely no sponsored content here, we truly just love these tools!).  

Let's start with a few obvious tips:

  • Brush your dog regularly: Brushing your dog's coat at least once a week can help remove loose hair and reduce shedding. Use a slicker brush or a de-shedding tool for best results.
  • Give your dog a bath: A regular bath can help remove loose hair and reduce shedding. Use a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for dogs.
  • Feed a healthy diet: A healthy diet can help reduce shedding by keeping your dog's coat and skin in good condition.
  • Keep the environment clean: Vacuum and dust your home regularly to remove hair and dander from surfaces. Use a damp cloth to wipe down walls and baseboards to remove hair and dust.
  • Consider a grooming tool: There are some specific grooming tools that help to remove loose hair and reduce shedding, including one specific tool that we ABSOLUTELY could not live without - see our recommendations below! 
  • Keep windows and doors closed: During shedding season, keep windows and doors closed to prevent hair from getting into your home.
  • Limit shedding by keeping your dog's coat trimmed: Keeping your dog's coat trimmed can help limit shedding by removing the hair that would otherwise fall out.
  • Consult with a vet: If your dog is shedding excessively, it's always a good idea to consult with a vet to rule out any underlying health issues.

And now for our VERY FAVORITE de-shedding tools: 

  1. Neabot P1 Pro Professional Pet Grooming Vacuum Kit | Hair Clipper: This brush/clipper/vacuum combo is an investment, but we are always AMAZED by how much hair comes off of our dogs and how minimal the clean-up effort is because of the powerful vacuum feature of this tool. The vacuum is super powerful and flexible but quiet as a mouse, so even the most anxious dogs should be able to tolerate it (pro tip: give trazodone or CBD treats ahead of time - at least 2.5 hours so they have time to take effect - to make brushing and grooming even easier). The clipper tool is so easy, a toddler could use it, truly. We cannot say enough good things about this tool and we've used it so many times since purchasing it a year ago. The haircuts we give our spaniel mix turn out super even, and the brushing/de-shedding attachment helps keep our black hound mix's fur under control. Use once every week or two and you'll see a difference! 
  2. ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover: For upholstered furniture, duvet covers, clothes, etc., nothing removes pet hair better than this super simple, reusable tool. We have even used it directly on our dogs' coats before which is super satisfying although perhaps not recommended. We have had the same one for 3+ years and it has held up great!

Here at Kingboy HQ, we have tried 2352492486 pet hair removal / management products, and truly the two above are the ones we keep coming back to for effective fur management in our own homes. And of course, a Kingboy dog bed will help you keep your sanity by giving your BFF a heavenly place to rest that will also disguise any dog hair he/she leaves behind :) A win/win indeed! 

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