Tips & Tidbits Series: Gifts for Dog Owners (Hint: Dog Beds and Pet Portraits!)

Tips & Tidbits Series: Gifts for Dog Owners (Hint: Dog Beds and Pet Portraits!)

Hi friends! As we approach the final days of holiday shopping and shipping deadlines (TICK TOCK), you may be feeling stressed. We can feel your stress through the screen! Stop, pet your dog (proven stress relief!), take a deep breath, maybe microdose some LSD / pop an edible / take a xanax / head to a bar / what fun ideas (although we are sort of kidding) but back to our topic: Today we shall answer an important question we hear a lot here at Kingboy HQ: What gift should you get for your pet loving friends and family this holiday season?

Obviously a modern, durable Kingboy dog bed is the best answer - it checks all boxes: eco-friendly, water resistant, everlasting fluffy fill, fresh fun patterns and prints, WE COULD GO ON!! (and sidenote did you see we just launched a cute capsule line of kids t-shirts? Perfect for 4-legged siblings of pets). But what if you have already purchased this top pet gift for every dog owner in your life and need another unique pet gift idea? Well then it is time to enter the fun filled world of pet portraits - a guaranteed crowd pleaser for Happy Harriets and Debbie Downers alike - and we are here to lend our substantial expertise. Read on for a few of our favorite pet portrait options out there - no relationships or payment from any of these artists, we just love them!: 

1. Crown & Paw: This site offers hilarious custom pet portraits in frilly formal attire - think Renaissance era royals and 1800s war generals - and they start at $50 and under. We can't think of a dog or cat owner who wouldn't melt into a puddle from getting this hilarious (yet meaningful!) gift. Note: Purr & Mutt is another similar style pet portrait site with comparable pricing and some other custom pet merch selections)

2. Carter Kustera Custom Pet Portraits: Having purchased these for our own pets and as gifts for other pet parents, we can guarantee this fun and casual silhouette artwork by Carter Kustera (a favorite of interior designers) will be a cherished memento that will capture their pets and also look great on their wall - not an easy feat. This art is one of a kind so expect to spend $100+. We recommend purchasing a gift card so the recipient can send in the pet pics and pick the colors and text. Easier for everyone! 

3. Andrea Caceres: Andrea is an amazing NYC-based illustrator from Venezuela who creates amazing informal (cartoon-vibe but cooler) custom pet and family portraits starting at $70; she also has other fun pet-themed merch on her site :) But obviously if you are looking for kids pet themed t-shirts, don't you dare order them from anywhere except Kingboy because ours are super cool, thank you! That said we love Andrea's work to the max and guarantee that any pet parent would adore her artwork. 

4. Becca Barron: If you are catering to a more mature pet owner or someone with a more traditional interior vibe, Becca might be a perfect fit given her supremely beautiful and realistic portrait style - we are captivated by how detailed and soulful her work is! Her portraits start around $100 for a 6x6" but expect to pay $200+ for larger sizes...worth it as this artwork will truly capture the heart and soul of a pet! (@beccabarronart on IG) 

5. OMG Dear Reader, 4 suggestions is not enough?! Just kidding, we'll give you one more! :) Our final recommendation is GestuelStudio, a top-rated Etsy shop that does super cool line art style portraits of pets (and their parents!). A modern and universally-appealing aesthetic at a super attractive price point. This artist offers a quick turnaround and will send both digital and physical prints.

Good luck on your holiday hunting, dear reader, and please support small earth-friendly businesses (like Kingboy!). We appreciate you!  

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