7 Tips for Succeeding as a Dog Influencer

7 Tips for Succeeding as a Dog Influencer

Did you know that the number of influencers in 2022 that are on the platforms TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram is somewhere between 3.2 and 37.8 million? Additionally, the number of daily active users on Instagram is greater than 500 million.

Considering how many influencers are out there, you might be feeling stressed about the competition if you're thinking of becoming a dog influencer.

Fortunately, in this article, we'll review what tips dog influencers have to give to aspiring dog influencers. Finally, you can have a pet influencer account that's powerful.

As a result, you and your dog will be more successful than ever. Read on to learn more.

1. Know Your Brand

The dog influencer account Tuna Melts My Heart says that you should know what your brand is for your pet social media account. They also say that it's important to protect your brand once you've established what it is.

Additionally, they recommend partnering with other brands that are mutually beneficial and relevant. If someone wants to partner with you and they're off-brand, simply say no.

2. Don’t Give Up

Another one of the dog influencer accounts out there, Tinkerbelle, says that you shouldn't give up. It takes a lot of work to run a pet social media account, so they recommend that you keep going. All you need is a bit of time!

3. Make Sure Your Dog Enjoys Being a Dog Influencer

Another popular pet social media account, Chloe Kardoggian, recommends that you make sure your dog enjoys being a pet influencer. They added that they only have Chloe being an influencer because she enjoys the company of others and being in front of the camera.

4. Be Original and Have Fun

Menswear Dog, a dog with over 310,000 followers on Instagram and experience working with big-name brands such as Canary, Casper, and Club Monaco, says that you have to be original and have fun when you're running a dog influencer account.

They give more specific advice along these lines. They recommend that you highlight something unique about your pet. Once you've done this, focus on the creation of content that people feel good seeing.

5. Don’t Try Too Hard

The person behind the Hamilton the Dog account says that you shouldn't try too hard. Instead, you should focus on allowing things to happen organically. Additionally, they recommend that you remember why you decide to get started in the first place.

For them, their goals have always been to encourage pet adoptions, make people smile, and have fun.

Need More Tips?

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