7 Fun Facts About Dog Sleeping Habits

7 Fun Facts About Dog Sleeping Habits

Sleep is so important for dogs that they spend half their lives doing it! Considering how much time dogs spend asleep, their owners should know a little about their sleeping patterns.

Dog sleeping patterns vary from breed to breed, and even between individual pups. Even so, there are some similarities that apply to nearly all dogs.

Read on for 7 fun facts about dog sleeping behavior!

1. How Long Do Dogs Spend Sleeping?

As we said, roughly half of a dog’s time is spent sleeping. In hours a day, that averages between 10-12.

On top of that, they spend another 30% of their time resting. That leaves just 20% of the day for being active!

2. Do Dogs Dream?

Yes, they do! Just like us, dogs often dream to process the events of the day. They may bark, whine, or twitch to respond to what's happening in their dream.                                           

3. Why Does My Dog Run in Its Sleep?

This is also connected with your dog’s dreams! Most likely, they’re having a ball running around in their dream, and their legs are playing along.

4. Why Do Dogs Circle and Dig Before Sleeping?

Scientists believe this is an instinct they inherited from their ancestors. Circling and digging an outdoor sleep area would clear it of uncomfortable debris. It would also deter other animals from their sleeping spots, like insects or snakes.

5. Why Does My Dog Want to Sleep In My Bed?

This is a good sign that you’ve developed a strong relationship with your dog. Just like they would sleep nuzzled up with their pack, they stay close to you because they feel safe.

Sleeping in the same bed as your dog can even make your bond stronger. But it's still best that they have their own dog bed to rest on during the day.

6. Why Does My Dog Sleep on Its Back?

While this is one of the best sleeping positions to let their dreaming legs run wild, that’s not the most common reason. It’s actually about temperature.

Sleeping on their back leaves a dog’s belly exposed. That makes it easier for them to stay cool throughout the night, so they can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

7. Why Does My Dog Like to Sleep Under Blankets?

It doesn’t necessarily mean your dog is cold. Some dogs have burrower personalities by nature.

These dogs feel more comfortable or relaxed when they have a big blanket nest all around them. They also tend to be very affectionate and need lots of attention.

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