5 Benefits of Dogs for Kids

5 Benefits of Dogs for Kids

More than 90 million households in the US care for pets or other animals. That's roughly three-quarters of all American homes!

But which pet is the most popular? Unsurprisingly, dogs are still the reigning champion of popular pets. Around 70 million dogs are kept as pets across the country.

For many households with children, they were the reason the family adopted a dog. Either the children begged for a new puppy, or the parents thought it would be suitable for the kids.

Should your family adopt a new dog?

To help you decide, here are the top five benefits of dogs for children. When considered all together, they can significantly impact a child's life!

1. Health Benefits

Children who live with a dog tend to have a more active lifestyle. Whether taking it for a walk or just playing in the park, an energetic pup keeps them moving. More than that, dogs get children outdoors, which is always a good thing.

In fact, studies show that living with a dog before the age of one can prevent allergies from developing!

2. Cognitive Development

Especially for young children and toddlers, dogs can help with cognitive development. In particular, interacting with their dog can help children develop their speaking skills and other mental faculties. Even if they're just babbling nonsense at their pup, it's good practice!

3. Reduced Stress

Animals are one of the best stress relievers. So much so that the term emotional support animal is now widely used. While this is most often used about adults, it applies to children too.

Whether school or friends are stressing them out, spending time cuddling or playing with their dog can lift their mood.

4. Improved Responsibility

As toddlers grow into children, they need to develop a sense of responsibility. Having a dog can help with this.

Small chores to take care of the dog are a great stepping stone to more significant responsibilities. This, in turn, helps build confidence and self-esteem when they succeed at their tasks.

5. Emotional Development

Taking responsibility for a new dog also helps children with their emotional development.

Spending their time and energy on pet care can help them develop essential traits. For example, empathy, compassion, kindness, and generosity can all come from caring for their dog.

Reap the Benefits of Dogs in Your Family

The benefits of dogs are physical, mental, and emotional. While these benefits are most clearly seen in children, people of all ages can benefit from having a furry friend around.

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